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Singapore Is A Top Medical Travel Destination

It must be difficult if medical treatment options in your own country are limited. This is a common case in Indonesia where several patients are not satisfied with their healthcare system due to prolonged waiting times, unacceptable quality care, and sometimes, the unavailability of treatments and surgeries that they require. If you’re one of them, your most viable option is to go on medical travel to Singapore where timely and unparalleled medical attention is always delivered.

Through it’s true that compared to the costs in Indonesia, medical treatments offered in Singapore are more expensive, statistics show that Indonesians are the top medical tourists in Singapore. Official figures confirm that cost of medical consultations and procedures is not the main factor that Indonesians consider when going to the city state for medical attention. Instead, they choose Singapore due to availability of wide range of medical procedures and advanced medical technology. Also, Singapore’s healthcare system, which is the best in the region, provides peace of mind that far outweighs the cost.

In addition, traveling to Singapore for a medical procedure is often a simple task as there are plenty of travel agencies that offer a complete package for medical tourism including providing accommodations and that much-needed translation services.

High quality medical services combined with the convenience of staying in Singapore work well together to give you the peace of mind that often leads to a speedy recovery.

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