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Singapore Offers Treatment for Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a painful condition caused by inflamed or swollen tendon. This condition makes it difficult for the patient to bend the fingers and it increases the risk of making the tendon sheath pop or snap. Just like carpal tunnel syndrome, this condition is caused by repeated movement or forceful use of the finger.

Singapore offers comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and post surgery care for patients who are suffering from trigger finger. When you consult orthopedic hand surgeon in Singapore, the course of treatment will start in diagnosing the condition. This is carried out through physical exam of the hand and fingers. Depending on the severity of the case, your doctor may use splint to keep the joint from moving. However, should the pain persists, inflammatory drugs will be used. Injection of a steroid into the tendon sheath may also be recommended.

For severe cases, surgical consultation for the operative treatment is typically required. The orthopedic hand surgeon will decide on the type of surgery based on your symptoms. Post surgery care is also available in Singapore.

How to find the best hand surgeon in Singapore?

Singapore is home to some of the best orthopedic hand surgeons in the world. Using online appointment booking websites like docdoc, you can easily find the most trusted and most experienced. The doctors are handpicked and are listed based on their reputation. Choose one that practices in any of the top Singaporean hospital as having access to top-class medical technologies and equipment will increase the chances of a successful operation.

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