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Singapore: The Best Place to Get Quality Arm Lift in SEA

Flabby arms, sometimes referred to as bat wings, may not be health-threatening, but they are definitely unsightly and make you look old. Exercise and diet may make a difference, but if none of these work, you have the option to get a quality brachioplasty or arm lift in Singapore.

Singapore ranks 6th based on the World Health Organization’s ranking of best health care systems in the world, the only Southeast Asian country to make it to the top 10. And it’s evident even in cosmetic surgical procedures such as arm lifts.

Brachioplasty is carried out either in a cosmetic clinic or a hospital. Either way, patients can look forward to a comfortable stay as the majority of medical facilities in Singapore are top-notch and are comparable to western countries. Due to a high doctor and patient ratio, specialists and staff regularly monitor the patients, especially within the 24 hours after the procedure when swelling and sometimes bleeding can occur.

While recovery can take between one and four weeks, patients may already leave Singapore after a few days, bringing along with them doctor’s recommendations on scar care and how to wear the compression garments. Doctors make themselves accessible as well for questions and concerns.

As the bruising subsides, patients have the opportunity to combine their medical travel with a relaxing holiday, which may include strolling the main attractions of the city-state, which can be completed in two days. This certainly makes the arm lift surgery in Singapore even more worthwhile.

Price is always a consideration for most Indonesians. But flying to Singapore provides a cheaper alternative if you’re considering having the procedure done in a first-world country. The costs of the majority of plastic and cosmetic procedures in Singapore are up to 75% cheaper when compared to Europe and the United States.

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