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Southeast Asia Is A Top Destination for Teeth Whitening

If you’re going to Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Singapore for business or for leisure, you should highly consider undergoing dental work while there to take advantage of the high quality dental care. If you have limited time, dental procedures such as teeth whitening, which takes about 20 minutes, can be a good option.

Both dentists in Thailand and Singapore use Laser LED, which is state-of-the-art dental technology for teeth whitening. This technology turns yellowish teeth into shining white in less than an hour. This noninvasive, painless procedure guarantees immediate dramatic results. In fact, your teeth can be as much as eight shades whiter right after one session.

Quality Care: Dentistry services in Southeast Asia, particularly in Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea, are comparable to those provided in western countries. Aside from having a long list of highly qualified and internationally trained dentists, the region boasts of the most advanced dental equipment, modern technologies, and world-class medical facilities. Combine this with Southeast Asian’s signature hospitality and you are assured of world-class quality care.

Cost: In terms of cost, the price range for teeth whitening services in Singapore and Thailand are more or less the same in Indonesia. A single session typically cost $350-$400. However, make makes getting the procedure in any top Southeast Asian country a better option is the quality of procedure. With access to the most advanced dental technology, Singapore and Thailand guarantee the best dental treatment each and every time.

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