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Southeast Asia Offers Affordable Gastroscopy Services

A gastroscopy is one of the most widely used diagnostic procedures performed to detect stomach problems. Also known as an upper endoscopy, the procedure aims to assess the upper section of the digestive tract, which includes the stomach and gullet, to look for causes of persistent pain in the abdomen or difficulty swallowing. Although this is a very common procedure, it entails certain risks as well as costs, especially in the west.

If you are suffering from abdominal problems and you find the cost of gastroscopy in the USA or other western countries too high or you are having a hard time finding a reliable source of endoscopic procedures, you may want to consider seeking care abroad. Southeast Asian countries, particularly South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, are excellent sources of diagnostic and surgical endoscopy. Countries in the region are known as the earliest to adopt endoscopic techniques, one of which is gastroscopy.

With medical tourism widely available in the region, Southeast Asia offers gastroscopy and other endoscopic procedures at a very competitive cost. With the cost of the procedures being almost 80% less than what is being charged in western countries, traveling to get a gastroscopy is turning out to be the more practical choice, even with all the added costs of traveling.

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