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Southeast Asia Offers Better Teeth Whitening

If you’re planning to travel to Southeast Asia on a medical tour, or even to take a short vacation, you should consider undergoing dental work while you’re there. One procedure that is cheap and definitely worth your time and money is teeth whitening.

Dentistry services in Southeast Asia are comparable to the services provided in the west. The region has advanced dental equipment, highly trained dentists, and modern technologies that are the same with what are currently being used in the western hemisphere.

With modern technologies, the teeth whitening procedure in Southeast Asia only take a couple of hours and the results are impeccable. Many dental offices are equipped with laser technologies that enhance the effects of teeth whitening. These also significantly reduce the time it takes to get shiny white teeth. It takes days or even weeks to get the same results with home kits or traditional teeth whitening methods.

The procedure is relatively simple. The dentist will first coat your teeth with a special gel and then use a laser to activate the gel. This process will be repeated at least 3 times or until the desired result is achieved.

In terms of cost, the price range for high quality dental treatment in Southeast Asia is normally around 50% of what it would cost to get the same services in the west. This translates to a significant amount of savings, especially if you’re visiting the region for other purposes.

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