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Southeast Asia Offers Holistic Preventive Stroke Measures

Several Indonesians are at risk of having a stroke, which takes place when brain’s vessels are blocked by a blood clot. If you’re diagnosed with atrial fibrillation or have untreated high blood pressure, you can prevent having stroke by managing key factors. Specialists in Southeast Asia can help you achieve that.

Diagnosis: Southeast Asian countries like Singapore uses only high technology medical equipment in diagnosing possible cases of stroke. When you consult a specialist in the country, magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography will be used to diagnose your condition. This high-end technology assures that the diagnosis is accurate, which helps in identifying the best treatment.

Prevention: Stroke specialists in Southeast Asiaare highly qualified to prevent strokes. Patients who are at risk of having one are asked to undergo preventive medical procedures to manage hypertension and high blood pressure. Possible procedures include carotid endarterectomy and angioplasty.

Immediate medical care: Patients who are already in any country in Southeast Asia during a stroke episode can expect immediate medical treatment. With the region’s modern medical infrastructure and highly advanced medical tools and equipment, your chances of survival are extremely high.

Post Stroke Recovery Rehabilitation Program: Part of Southeast Asia’s commitment to assist patients recovering from stroke is comprehensive post stroke rehabilitation programs that are offered in the country’s top hospitals. These medical facilities have an army of medical staff consist of physiatrist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech & language pathologist, and neuropsychologist.

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