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Southeast Asia Offers Holistic Trauma Treatment

Trauma is the medical term used for any injury caused by intentional or unintentional harm. Since trauma encompasses a significant number of types of injuries, it is therefore classified by severity or location of damage on the body. Professionals also use the Injury Severity Score (ISS) for patients with multiple injuries.

Millions of people in western countries suffer and die from trauma. The leading causes of death are blunt trauma, road/vehicular accidents and burns. Surprisingly, most of these injuries occur in homes and in public places and in most occasions are quite unintentional.

If you’re from western country and if you’ve suffered types of trauma that require immediate medical attention such as serious accident or assault, going to emergency section of your local hospital is crucial. However, for other types of trauma including psychological maltreatment, emotional abuse, or traumatic grief, you have the option to seek treatment from other countries where the cost of treatment as well as rehabilitation are just a fraction of what are being charged in western countries.

Doctors and medical professionals in Southeast Asia are continuously trained to handle these situations and to respond promptly and effectively. Equipment and protocols are regularly updated and adopted to meet the demands of the trauma victims. Better and more effective medical techniques are created and devised to target injuries, apply immediate treatment and prevent additional injuries.

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