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Southeast Asia’s Modern Treatments for Neoplasm of Kidney

A kidney neoplasm is an abnormal growth that forms in the kidney. It is more commonly called a tumour and can be either benign or malignant. A malignant tumour on the kidney is a characteristic of kidney cancer. The most common type of cancerous tumour that affects the kidney is called renal cell carcinoma, which makes up almost 80% of all kidney cancer cases. When left untreated, malignant kidney neoplasms can metastasise or spread to nearby organs. The earlier a kidney tumour is treated, the better the patient’s prognosis will be.

The prevalence of cancer has led to several breakthroughs in cancer treatment. Unfortunately, many of these developments are costly or are not yet readily available in many countries. Many patients diagnosed with a kidney neoplasm thus choose to travel to other countries, predominantly the US and Europe, to gain access to the latest in cancer care technology. However, this can prove to be an expensive option. But thanks to the many new players in the field of medical tourism, it is now easier for patients to receive advanced, comprehensive cancer care at a significantly lower cost.

Today’s leading medical tourism hubs include Southeast Asia’s Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Thailand has revolutionised the region’s medical tourism industry by gaining the first Joint Commission International accreditation for an Asian hospital, which was awarded to Bangkok’s Bumrungrad International Hospital. The hospital specialises in cancer treatment, along with cardiac and cosmetic surgery. Aside from the hospital’s spacious and impressive facility, it also has access to the most advanced medical technologies and offers the latest surgical techniques. Its comprehensive cancer care is available at almost 70% less than what Western hospitals usually charge, making Bumrungrad International and its equally equipped hospitals in Thailand very popular among cancer patients.

Singapore, the first Southeast Asian country to become known for its medical tourism offers, is also an ideal destination for patients diagnosed with a kidney neoplasm. The country is home to hundreds of internationally trained cancer specialists, many of whom can be found at the country's many JCI-accredited hospitals, which typically cover a wide range of specialty areas, including oncology. Singapore is also one of the pioneers of minimally invasive surgical procedures for the treatment of various types of cancer.

With the combination of highly skilled specialists, modern medical technology, and the most advanced techniques in oncology, patients who go to Southeast Asia for a comprehensive kidney neoplasm treatment can enjoy a highly improved prognosis.

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