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The Benefits of Undergoing Laminectomy in Southeast Asia

Laminectomy is the surgical procedure of removing the lamina to treat lumbar spinal stenosis. The vertebral lamina forms the roof of the spinal canal and provides protection to the spinal nerves. When patients are diagnosed with spinal stenosis, it means that their spinal canal have become narrowed due to bony growths. These growths can squeeze the nerves and cause considerable pain and discomfort with every movement. This condition typically affects the elderly, who are more prone to degenerative changes in the spine. As in any spinal surgery procedures, laminectomy is quite costly and may not even be an option to ordinary individuals. Aside from the surgery itself, complete treatment is only achieved when the patient undergoes rehabilitation therapy afterwards.

However, several internationally accredited hospitals and orthopaedic centres in Southeast Asia offer this type of procedure at a much reduced cost. If you are looking for a specialised centre with highly trained surgeons and medical staff, consider the medical packages offered by medical institutions in countries like Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. These countries are considered top destinations for medical tourists who seek high-quality medical care without draining their wallets. In terms of spine surgery, a number of these institutions are accredited and internationally known to offer comprehensive services with their state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. The sophistication of services offered is equalled by the professionalism and expertise of their staff, most of which have been trained internationally to amass experience and knowledge. Some specialised orthopaedic centres even have dedicated personnel who arrange travel and visa assistance, accommodation, and transportation to make sure each patient gets the most of their stay. The comprehensive care offered to laminectomy patients includes the option of having the procedure done using minimally invasive techniques to reduce complications and hasten recuperating time. With all these benefits and advantages, it is no wonder that patients from neighbouring Asian countries and beyond come to Southeast Asia to undergo laminectomy and other related procedures.

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