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Tips for Getting Heart Mapping in Southeast Asia

Heart mapping is a diagnostic procedure that aims to identify the origin of arrhythmias or abnormal heart rhythm. It is performed in an electrophysiology (EP) lab by an electrophysiologist, a medical professional who specialises in the heart’s electrical system.

Heart mapping is usually not an emergency procedure and it can be performed when you are on a holiday or even a business trip in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. For medical tourists from the West, this translates to huge savings because the procedure is up to 75% cheaper in Southeast Asia when compared to Western countries such as the United States. However, for patients within Southeast Asia, this translates to higher standards of care as Singapore, for example, has numerous state-of-the-art hospitals that feature first-class electrophysiology (EP) labs and the most advanced technologies in cardiac care.

Thousands of medical tourists from all over the world go to Southeast Asia because it offers world-class medical care without the associated crippling cost. If you’re considering this option, below are some tips on how you can get the most benefits in this process.

  • Do your research beforehand – Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia have a long list of modern hospitals that offer high-quality heart mapping. To ensure the highest standards of care, choose hospitals that are globally recognised for their commitment to excellence. Most of these hospitals are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation (ISO).

  • Sign up for medical tourism packages – Travelling abroad to get treatment can be overwhelming. To make the process as hassle-free as possible, take advantage of medical tourism packages that include travel and accommodation arrangements.

  • Shop and compare – If the cost of the procedure is one of your major deciding factors, use the Internet to check prices without compromising the quality of care. Singapore, which is a developed country in Southeast Asia, cost a bit more compared to other countries such as Thailand and Malaysia. However, it has the best healthcare system and medical technologies in the region.

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