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Top Quality Bladder Trabeculation Treatment in SE Asia

Bladder trabeculation occurs when the wall of the bladder thickens and loses its tone. It can develop when the bladder is often obstructed forcing the muscles in the area to work harder to overcome the obstruction. When this happens, the patient will have difficulty emptying his bladder completely when he urinates and he will become prone to urinary tract infections. Thus, it is important for patients to receive treatment as soon as possible. They may need various procedures to remove the obstruction and to empty their bladder completely. If the obstruction is caused by kidney stones, the patient may need surgery to remove them.

There are now many methods to treat bladder trabeculation and they are all offered in Southeast Asia where both local and international patients are cared for by skilled and well-trained physicians and surgeons. Many of the doctors in the region received their training abroad. This explains why the quality of medical care in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia is now the same as the quality in the US and Europe.

One of the treatment methods that patients suffering from bladder trabeculation can take advantage of is called catheterisation in which a thin tube is inserted into the bladder to empty it completely. Many hospitals in Southeast Asia also have advanced diagnostic equipment, such as the latest ultrasound technology. This comes in handy when checking for bladder obstructions and kidney stones. The region is also popular for minimally invasive procedures that can be used to remove small kidney stones without the need for a major surgery.

However, there is one big difference between medical care in Southeast Asia and in the West. Even though the quality is the same, the price is very different. Hospitals in the West charge so much more than ASEAN hospitals for the exact same procedures. Thus, patients in Southeast Asia can save up to 70% more than patients in the US or UK.

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