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Top-Quality Eyelid Defect Repair in Southeast Asia

Many individuals from all parts of the world suffer from a range of eyelid defects. While many cases are categorised as cosmetic or aesthetic issues, others pose serious problems. An example is ectropion or the outward turning of the eyelid edge that results in excessive tearing and increases the patient’s risk of infection. Another example is entropion in which the eyelashes turn against the eyeball irritating the conjunctiva and cornea.

Just like any other medical condition, getting immediate medical attention for eyelid defects is always recommended to avoid serious complications from developing. This can be had in Southeast Asia where a comprehensive range of treatment options are offered to both local and international patients.

Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia have numerous world-class hospitals that offer various solutions to correct both common and complex eyelid defects. As much as possible, such are addressed with conservative therapies to help patients avoid the risk and complications of surgery.

However, if all non-and minimally invasive methods fail to provide the desired results, eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is considered. The procedure is best performed by an oculoplastic surgeon, an ophthalmologist with special training in eyelid surgery. Some of the best oculoplastic surgeons, who have decades of experience, impressive track record, and international training, can be found at various Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited medical facilities in the region. These hospitals feature advanced diagnostics technology and fully equipped world-class surgical theatres where the procedure can be safely performed. This winning combination significantly improves the procedure’s chances of success.

Aside from the effective treatment of eyelid defects, international patients who decide to travel to Southeast Asia can also expect to save cost on their medical expenses. Advanced procedures and medical services used to correct various eyelid defects are up to 75% cheaper in Southeast Asia than in most Western countries although the quality of procedures as well as the results they offer are often the same with what Southeast Asia can deliver.

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