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Top Quality Oesophagal Varices Treatment in Southeast Asia

Oesophagal varices are abnormally dilated veins in the lower portion of the oesophagus. The condition is very common among patients with an existing liver disease. Any scarring or blockage in the liver can cause portal hypertension, which could lead to the enlargement of small veins in the oesophagus. Since these veins are not intended to carry large volumes of blood, patients with oesophagal varices face a high risk of leakage, vein rupture, and bleeding.

Patients suspected of having or diagnosed with oesophagal varices should seek specialised treatment at the soonest possible time. Such treatment is widely available in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia has become the go-to medical tourism destination especially among those who seek quality but affordable health care. The region has access to the most advanced tools that are used for the diagnosis of oesophagal varices. These include gastrointestinal endoscopy, computed tomography (CT) scan, Doppler ultrasound and capsule endoscopy.

Southeast Asia’s strong reputation in the global medical tourism market makes it a guaranteed source of safe and successful surgical operations. Its many fully equipped surgical facilities and internationally trained surgeons make the region the best place to go to for a band ligation or transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS), both of which are used to treat oesophagal varices.

On top of these, the region offers medical travellers several other reasons to choose one of its medical tourism hotspots, namely Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. These countries offer medical travellers various benefits including lower health care costs, excellent nursing care, and the option to combine their medical trip with a holiday. They each has internationally recognised hospitals and medical facilities with Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation (ISO) accreditations. All these combined make the region the best medical tourism destination for patients with oesophagal varices.

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