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Top Quality Renal Artery Stenosis Treatment in SE Asia

Renal artery stenosis refers to the narrowing of one or more renal arteries. Commonly caused by atherosclerosis, it can impede the flow of blood going to the kidneys. When the body senses that the level of blood in the kidneys is low, it releases hormones to increase blood pressure, eventually leading to renovascular hypertension. The condition is best diagnosed using advanced imaging technologies, such as magnetic resonance arteriogram and computed tomographic angiography. If the condition is not resolved with medications, patients are advised to undergo angioplasty with balloon stenting, or surgery to bypass the blocked or narrowed portion of the artery.

Patients suffering from renal artery stenosis requires the skills of a well-trained, experienced, and board certified specialist as well as a clean, fully equipped, and well-developed medical facility. While choices abound in the US and UK, Western hospitals are known to charge exorbitant rates, especially for specialty care. The good news is, there is another option - Southeast Asia. The region offers lower prices, shorter waiting periods, and the same quality of world-class medical care.

The top three countries for medical tourists in Southeast Asia are Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. The region has long been known as an ideal destination for a vacation thanks to its temperate climate, classic Asian hospitality, and exotic culture. But now, thanks to the efforts of these three countries in improving their medical infrastructure, travellers have another reason to choose Southeast Asia over Western alternatives.

Those seeking better value in terms of healthcare costs will not be disappointed because, while the price of medical care in the region is low, the quality is in line with international standards. Those seeking urgent care will also benefit from the wide array of top-of-the-line medical facilities in the region and large numbers of skilled and experienced doctors. Due to the availability of such resources, patients don’t have to endure long waiting periods to receive the treatment they require.

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