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Top Quality Treatment for Carcinoma of Prostate in SE Asia

Carcinoma of the prostate or prostate cancer is a condition that affects the male reproductive system. It is common in males over the age of 50 with risk factors that include a family history of the disease and a diet high in red or processed meat, among others. It is the second most common type of cancer in the world, occurring more commonly in developed countries.

Patients with prostate cancer or those who meet risk factors can travel to Southeast Asia for comprehensive care. Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia specialise in cancer treatment, providing top quality but affordable specialist care to thousands of cancer patients every year. These countries continuously invest heavily in medical research and use the same cutting-edge methods and technologies available in Western countries allowing them to deliver the same quality of care offered by their western counterparts.

Medical travellers in Southeast Asia can undergo prostate cancer screening that can detect the disease even with the absence of symptoms. This is crucial as cancer treatment is most effective when initiated during the early stages of the disease. As Southeast Asian countries offer affordable prostate screening packages, patients who are at risk of developing the disease, particularly those who are over 50 years old, can undergo the procedure once a year.

Prostate cancer patients are offered world-class, comprehensive care delivered by a multidisciplinary team composed of cancer care specialists, radiologists, counselors, and dietitians, among others. Many medical professionals practicing in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia have received education and training abroad and have decades of experience. These countries also feature world-class medical facilities that are fully equipped to provide comprehensive treatment including surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and radiation therapy. Palliative care is also provided to relieve or reduce symptoms and improve patient’s quality of life.

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