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Top Quality Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation Treatment in SEA

Tricuspid valve regurgitation is a medical condition where blood leaks back to the upper right chamber of the heart. It occurs when the tricuspid valve does not close tightly enough usually due to various heart problems or high blood pressure. The condition is managed by treating the condition that causes it, which means that patients may need to undergo cardiac surgery and stay in the hospital while they recover.

Patients in countries where high-quality cardiac procedures are either too expensive or not widely available have the option to travel to Southeast Asia, a region that has become a popular medical tourism hotspot. It boasts a number of Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited hospitals and specialty cardiac facilities that are staffed by internationally-trained cardiologists who have received their education and/or training at top medical facilities in Europe and the United States, among others. Despite offering top-quality medical care, hospitals in Southeast Asia charge just a fraction of the cost of cardiac procedures in Western countries.

The top three medical tourism destinations in Southeast Asia today are Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. These countries have many hospitals that feature advanced diagnostic tools and special cardiology units as well as rehabilitative units that care for patients recovering from cardiac surgery.

Southeast Asia also offers other benefits for its medical tourists. The hospitals in the region give priority to their visiting patients ensuring that they are attended to right away. They also have translators and nurses who are fluent in different languages so language barrier would not be a problem. Some hospitals also offer unique services such as tour packages and discounted accommodation for visiting relatives so patients will have a pleasant experience while in Southeast Asia.

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