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Top Reasons To Go to SE Asia for Encephalitis Treatment

Encephalitis is a rare but life-threatening medical condition where the brain becomes inflamed. It most commonly develops in immunocompromised patients who are also suffering from a viral, fungal, or bacterial infection. Patients suffering from the condition experience seizures, disorientation, personality and behavioral changes, weakness, and numbness in some parts of the body.

Treatment of encephalitis depends on the symptoms and severity of the condition. Some patients may require antiviral, antibacterial, or antifungal drugs, while some may need steroid injections or anti-seizure drugs as well as oxygen support.

Due to the serious nature of encephalitis, it is best for patients to be treated by a specialist. The specialist has three roles: to identify and resolve the cause of the condition, to relieve the patient’s symptoms, and to support the body during the illness to make sure it still functions properly. If the person is very ill, he may need to be treated in an intensive care unit or ICU. Patients in the ICU are monitored more closely and their treatment can last from few days to several months.

Many hospitals in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia are fully equipped to diagnose and treat encephalitis. These medical facilities are ready to provide high-quality and complete intensive care 24/7 providing patients better chances of recovering from their condition. The best hospitals to seek treatment from when in Southeast Asia are those that are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation (ISO). Such accreditations mean that the hospital has the needed medical equipment, technology, facilities, and skills to provide world-class quality medical care.

Southeast Asia is also home to many top intensivists, or doctors with special training in caring for severely ill patients in intensive units. Many intensivists practicing in the region have earned their degrees or certifications abroad and are trained on innovative and breakthrough methods that can offer the best possible treatment outcomes.

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