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Top Two SE Asian Countries for Cryoglobulinemia Treatment

Cryoglobulinemia is a medical condition where a person has abnormal proteins in the blood. These proteins tend to group together in cold temperatures causing the plasma to become thick and clumps to collect in the blood vessels. When not treated properly, the condition can cause blockage in the arteries. It may also damage the skin, muscles, joints, liver, and the kidneys. It is sometimes related to hepatitis C and other autoimmune diseases. Since patients are at risk of serious organ damage, they are advised to seek medical care immediately.

It is sometimes hard to find a hospital or doctor that treats cryoglobulinemia because it is not a very common disease. The good news is, regional and international patients can now go to Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur for treatment. These are the top two cities in Southeast Asia for medical tourism best known for their world-class hospitals, modern facilities and equipment, and high-quality medical care. They are also home to many specialists who focus on treating less common conditions like cryoglobulinemia giving patients a better chance of fighting the disease.

Bangkok has gained many recognitions as a medical tourism destination. One of its hospitals, Bumrungrad International, is the first in Asia to be given the prestigious JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation. Patients can also check out Bangkok Hospital Group, which has 18 different hospitals all over Thailand. Some of them are located in Phuket, which is also famous for its beautiful beaches, temperature, and climate, which are perfect for patients with cryoglobulinemia. The country’s warm environment can help prevent flare-ups and speed up the patient’s recovery.

Many hospitals in Kuala Lumpur are also recognized by the JCI. These include Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur, which has been serving international patients for 15 years now. It boasts of new technologies, cutting-edge facilities, and a long list of excellent specialists who can treat even rare diseases. The hospital also provides assistance to patients in obtaining a visa as well as flights and accommodation bookings. They also arrange post-treatment tours to help patients relax while they are recovering.

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