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Get A Heart Transplant in Malaysia

There are many treatment options to save a failing heart, but when all fail, the only recourse is to undergo a heart transplant, which can only be performed by highly trained and experienced specialists. These specialists can only be found in a limited number of countries and that include Malaysia.

Malaysia is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that has the ability to perform heart transplants and one of best medical tourist destinations if you’re coming from Indonesia. The National Heart Institute of Malaysia is the primary organization involved in performing heart transplants. Since its establishment in 1992, the institute has continuously improved Malaysia’s capability of performing heart transplants, in terms of knowledge, facilities, and equipment. The country ensures that they have the most modern equipment available to perform the various surgeries.

The first heart transplant performed in Malaysia was in 1997. Since then, the National Heart Institute has continued to make significant progress in the medical field. As such, the success rate of heart transplant procedures has greatly improved.

Other than expertise and experience, an added advantage to having the procedure performed in Malaysia if you’re from Indonesia is that the country understands the religious implications of such a procedure. The National Heart Institute of Malaysia together with the Malaysian government has taken steps to ensure that any transplant procedures meet the requirements of Islam.

Malaysia will continuously be a favored destination of those seeking heart transplants. If you’re interested in having the procedure performed in Malaysia, be sure to act on it early as it could take some time to find a suitable donor.

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