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Travel to SE Asia for Malignant Tumour of Testis Treatment

Testicular cancer is characterised by a malignant tumour in the testis. However, it is important to note that not all lumps found in the testicles are tumours, and not all tumours are cancerous. But if the tumour is malignant, patients should seek immediate medical treatment to maximise their chances of survival. Testicular cancer has a high cure rate compared to all other cancer types. It currently has a 5-year survival rating of 95%, which increases to 99% if the cancer is caught early and has not spread outside the testicle. The patient’s chance of becoming cured is also higher if newer, more advanced treatments are used.

Cutting-edge cancer treatments have always been available in countries with excellent healthcare systems, such as the United States and United Kingdom. Unfortunately, seeking treatment from these countries can be quite expensive, especially with the added travel and accommodation costs. The good news is, Southeast Asia is rapidly emerging as the newest hub for medical tourism, mainly due to its heavy investments in the latest medical technologies and equipment. This gives patients with testicular cancer an equally advanced but way more affordable destination when seeking treatment.

The region is now home to numerous Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation (ISO)-accredited medical facilities. A large number of these facilities have also been recognised for their individualised and targeted treatment for cancer, including malignant tumours of the testis.

One example of the latest in cancer treatments is targeted radiotherapy, which uses breakthrough imaging technology and biological targeting techniques to target cancer cells more precisely. This way, patients will experience minimal side effects, a major improvement compared to the complications and side effects associated with conventional chemotherapy. These newer cancer treatments have also improved cure rates as well as the quality of life of cancer patients.

Southeast Asian countries, particularly Malaysia and Thailand, make an effort to bring these innovative new treatments and equipment to their shores while keeping their costs low. These, combined with the skills, training, and expertise of their doctors and cancer specialists, help deliver the best treatment outcomes to cancer patients.

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