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Travel to SG for Quality Affordable Ligament Reconstruction

Whether you’ve damaged one or more of your ligaments through injury or a disease, you’ll need to have it reconstructed to restore its function and live a normal life. A grade III torn ligament is extremely painful and you won’t be able to put any type of pressure on the limb, making the process of getting immediate and effective treatment a necessity.

If you’re from Indonesia but would rather have the procedure performed in a first world country, traveling to Singapore is your best option. The country offers the services of western-trained orthopaedic surgeons, cutting-edge technologies, and most advanced medical facilities, ensuring successful treatment.

Ligament reconstruction surgeries in Singapore, just like in most western countries, are commonly performed via arthroscopic surgery. In this type of procedure, the surgeon will use an arthroscope (a device with a small camera) to view the inside of the joint. Miniature surgical instruments will then be used to repair or reconstruct the torn ligament. This procedure, which costs thousands of dollars in the United States, can be had in Singapore for up to 75% cheaper.

After the surgery, you’ll undergo a period of rehabilitation to regain full function of the joint and limb. Most people who undergo a ligament reconstruction procedure are able to return to active sports.

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