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Travel to Southeast Asia for Amphetamine Abuse Treatment

A growing number of amphetamine abuse patients are seeking help for their condition in Southeast Asia. Amphetamines are central nervous system stimulants that are sometimes used in the treatment of narcolepsy, hyperactivity, and asthma. They are known for their ability to suppress appetite, improve focus and concentration, and fend off fatigue. Unfortunately, incorrect and excessive usage can lead to drug dependence and other health problems, such as psychosis, malnutrition, convulsions, cardiac problems, and brain damage.

Individuals suffering from amphetamine addiction can now seek treatment in Southeast Asia. Countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia are now home to several addiction treatment centres that specialise in helping individuals overcome their drug dependence.

There are many reasons why addictive individuals are best treated in medical tourism destinations. Rehabilitation centres in Southeast Asia provide patients with a place to stay in during their recovery process. This in-patient rehabilitation process takes patients away from their normal environment, with all its usual stress and distractions. This allows patients to focus only on their recovery. Being in a new environment also gives patients new things and activities to discover and enjoy.

Inpatient treatment is also highly recommended because it allows patients to go through the rehabilitation process under close medical supervision. This is because rehabilitation always begins with a withdrawal stage, during which patients may experience harmful withdrawal symptoms such as aggression, anxiety, depression, mood changes, and even suicidal behaviour. Rehabilitation centres in Southeast Asia have a long list of doctors and nurses who are well trained and extensively experienced in dealing with the potential dangers of amphetamine withdrawal and the long recovery process that follows it.

These Southeast Asian doctors and nurses are trained in identifying the reasons why patients use amphetamines in the first place, so the patient can resolve these issues and reduce their need for the drug. Aside from individual counselling, amphetamine abuse treatment also involves group therapy, and Southeast Asian rehabilitation centres again offer an advantage. Patients are able to interact with different people from different cultures and walks of life who are suffering from the same problems they are going through.

Accredited by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and Joint Commission International (JCI), many rehabilitation centres in Southeast Asia also have access to the medications necessary during the recovery process. These include methyphenidate, fluoxetine, and imipramine, which can reduce severe intravenous amphetamine dependence and patients’ cravings as well as relieve withdrawal symptoms.

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