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Travel to Southeast Asia for Anterior Shin Splints Treatment

Anterior shin splints is the term used to refer to lower leg pain that typically affects runners who add too much mileage before they build enough leg strength. The condition can also be blamed on lack or inadequate stretching, excessive stress place on one leg, an imbalance between the muscles in front of the leg and calf muscles, or worn shoes.

Anterior shin splints rarely progress into a more a serious condition and are generally treated with basic home remedies. These include taking a rest from running or high-intensity workout until the pain subsides. Taking anti-inflammatory painkillers and the use of orthotics can also help.

Patients in Southeast Asia who require immediate treatment and expert advice on how to prevent recurrence can consult highly trained physiotherapists. Some of the best physiotherapists in the region can be found in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

The number of physiotherapy clinics in the region keeps on growing as more and more individuals adopt a more active lifestyle. There are also physiotherapy clinics that can be found at world-renowned hospitals, with some of them accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation (ISO).

Physiotherapy services offered in Southeast Asian countries focus not just on alleviating symptoms but also helping patients avoid recurrences by providing them with expert advice and tools, if needed. These services are offered by qualified physiotherapists with many of them graduated from renowned medical universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. Some also boast years of professional experience abroad. They use evidence-based methods to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Medical travellers in Southeast Asia who require world-class physiotherapy services do not have to worry about spending a fortune. Comprehensive and world-class treatment for anterior shin splints in the region is up to 75% cheaper when compared to Western countries.

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