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Travel to Southeast Asia for Gallbladder Removal

Many Indonesian patients who require surgery, such as gallbladder removal, consider medical tourism to take advantage of better quality healthcare available outside of their country. In the past, this automatically meant going to the United States or Europe. However, many Southeast Asian countries now have highly improved medical infrastructures, cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and a long list of highly qualified surgeons. These give Indonesians the option to travel to neighbouring countries to get the highest standards of care without spending a fortune.

Gallbladder removal is a common surgical procedure that is performed when gallstones get stuck in the gallbladder causing several symptoms including lasting pains in the abdomen. Although the procedure can be pretty straightforward, it requires advanced imaging technologies, such as gallbladder nuclear medicine scan, to accurately assess the condition before any treatment is prescribed. Such technologies are widely available in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, assuring you of accurate diagnosis.

The procedure can be performed using either traditional open or laparoscopic surgery. For open surgery, a long incision is made in the abdomen to remove the gallbladder. In laparoscopic surgery, the same goal is achieved using only four small incisions in the abdomen. Many surgeons in Southeast Asia are adept in performing both procedures using technologically advanced tools and surgical equipment. To further enhance patient safety and treatment outcomes, you may elect to have the procedure performed in one of Southeast Asia's premier hospitals. These include hospitals that are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) and certified by the International Standards Organisation (ISO). Such accreditations mean that the hospitals offer high-quality healthcare that meets international standards or comparable to what is offered in the United States or Europe.

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