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Travel to Southeast Asia for Heart Telemetry and Recording

A few decades ago, travelling half way around the world for medical care usually meant patients from developing countries seeking medical assistance in the West to take advantage of state-of-the-art medical treatment. However, significant improvements in medical technologies, infrastructures, and expertise in Southeast Asia have reversed the trend with the region emerging as one of the top destinations for medical travellers from the West.

Many advanced technologies are now available at numerous hospitals and medical centres in Southeast Asia, especially cardiac-related technologies, such as heart telemetry and recording devices like Holter monitors and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) units. There is also a growing number of western-educated or western-trained cardiologists in the region who have acquired the needed expertise, exposure, and training to provide the highest international standards of cardiac care.

Due to the combination of advanced technologies, western-trained cardiologists, and a growing number of hospitals accredited by Joint International Commission (JCI), the quality of medical care in Southeast Asia has improved significantly.

However, the most compelling reason for Westerners to travel to Southeast Asia for cardiac monitoring services is cost savings. The rates of even the top and most expensive medical institutions in the region are still much lower than hospitals in the United States or Europe allowing patients to save up to 75% of the cost.

Medical travellers in Southeast Asia can also take advantage of various services that can make their journey as hassle-free as possible. Many private companies and hospitals catering to international patients offer low-cost packages that include hotel accommodation, airport pick-up, translation services, and dedicated medical coordinators so patients can focus their energy on what’s more important – getting better.

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