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Treat and Manage Anal Fissure in Southeast Asia

Anal fissure is a painful condition resulting from a tear in the anal canal or lining of the lower rectum. Acute anal fissure typically heals within a matter of weeks of using various home treatment remedies including sitting in a tub filled with warm water, drinking plenty of liquids, and taking fiber supplements.

However, if a patient suffers from anal fissures that haven’t healed after 12 weeks of home remedies, medical attention is required. And booking an appointment with colorectal surgeon or proctologist is the first step.

As consulting a colorectal surgeon or proctologist and getting colorectal surgery in your country can cost a fortune, you may consider traveling to Southeast Asia to save on cost and at the same time, to take advantage of better quality care.

The best countries in Southeast Asia to get cost-effective treatment for anal fissure are Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. These countries have a long list of highly qualified colorectal surgeons or proctologists that were educated and trained in some of the most respectable medical schools in the west. Also, these countries are home to world-class healthcare facilities that are accredited by various medical organizations in the United States and European countries. Thus, you are assured that the quality of care will be the same as what is offered in western countries but without a huge tag price.

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