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Treat Your Head Injury in Southeast Asia

Every year, thousands of patients from the west suffer from both simple and serious head injuries that can range from simple concussion to potentially fatal severe brain damage. Due to the rising cost of treatment and health insurances’ refusal to cover the cost, several patients from the west are forced to look elsewhere to save money. One of their preferred regions is Southeast Asia.

Why is Southeast Asia?

Majority of hospitals in Southeast Asia have carved outstanding reputation in the field of medical tourism that the industry has become a major money-spinner. Developed countries such as Singapore and Thailand exert conscious effort to stay at the forefront by offering exclusive international desks to provide timely and comprehensive medical services to international patients.

Several hospitals in Thailand and Singapore are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of all known head injuries. Treatment options include specialized surgeries, conventional and focused radiation, chemotherapy, as well as experimental treatments. These are the same treatments offered in the west but without the hefty price tags in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, head injury specialists in Southeast Asia are as competent and as qualified as their western counterparts. This is because most earned their degrees and had their training in United States and European countries but have decided to practice in Southeast Asian countries where the cost of putting up a business and insurances are significantly lower.

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