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Treat Your Osteoporosis in Southeast Asia

Osteoporosis is the leading bone disease in Indonesia affecting more than 15% of the entire population. It’s the condition wherein the bones become dangerously brittle due to calcium or vitamin D deficiency.

Southeast Asian countries like Singapore and Thailand offer comprehensive Osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment. If you’re not satisfied with the available medical efforts in Indonesia, going on medical travel to any of these countries will help you boost your chances of fighting the disease.

Diagnosis - Doctors specializing in Osteoporosis in countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea use dual energy X-ray absorption scan to diagnose osteoporosis. This is the most advanced technology and considered the gold standard in diagnosing the disease. The test is painless and takes about ten minutes. This machine measures any deviation in T score, which is used to determine if you have osteoporosis or at risk of getting it.

Treatment - Southeast Asian countries offer comprehensive treatment for osteoporosis. For mild cases, a variety of medications are used including Vitamin D and calcium supplementation. For advanced cases, doctors typically recommend surgical techniques that can also be used to treat vertebral fractures. This is a minimally invasive procedure used to reinforce the spine with compression fractures. During the procedure, an acrylic compound will be injected to the weakened bone to stabilize it.

Osteoporosis is often dubbed as a silent killer because the symptoms only appear when it’s already in advanced level. Don’t let this disease sneak up on you and travel to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, or South Korea to get accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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