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Undergo Atrial Fibrillation in Southeast Asia

Atrial Fibrillation is the condition of an irregular heartbeat that potentially leads to stroke, heart failure, and other heart-related complications. This condition is considered a major public burden in Indonesia due to aging population. Considering how delicate the condition is, getting only the best treatment is non-negotiable. This is why traveling to Southeast Asia for treatment is your best option.

Several Southeast Asian countries are now being recognized as medical hub not just in the region but also around the world. Singapore and Thailand are particularly well known in this arena. Both countries are continuously investing heavily on their medical infrastructure and in tying up with global medical societies and organizations to ensure that medical professionals practicing in the country are as qualified as their western counterparts.

When it comes to atrial fibrillation, both countries offer comprehensive treatment. Singapore, in particular is hailed in this field due to its world-class department of cardiology, which is fully equipped with the most modern medical equipment to treat every known heart condition.

In addition, Southeast Asian countries in the running to be recognized as the number one medical tourism destination work very hard to ensure that waiting time is minimal to zero. Patients from Indonesia who book appointment with cardiologists in Thailand and Singapore are assured of timely medical attention.

Although the cost of treatment for Atrial Fibrillation in Singapore and Thailand is a bit higher compared to Indonesia, you are assured of best quality care that will significantly improve your chances of surviving this condition.

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