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Undergo Brain Surgery in Southeast Asia

Having a brain tumor can be one of the most devastating experiences you’ll ever have to go through in life. Although the exact causes of this condition are unknown, medical professionals have established link with environmental toxins, genetic factors, HIV infection, radiation to the head, and cigarette smoking. The best treatment for brain tumor is surgery.

For patients who are not covered by a comprehensive health insurance, the average cost of brain surgery in western countries is about $75,000. The amount may increase or decrease depending on several factors.

However, you can save up to 90% by having the surgery performed in Southeast Asia. In countries like Singapore and Thailand, the cost of brain surgery at top hospitals is about $10,000. With this price, you will be treated in a medical facility that offers five-star accommodation and you will be attended to by highly qualified neurosurgeons and their team of multi-disciplinary medical team. Most of them have trained in western countries thus, you can expect the same quality care offered in the west.

In addition, you may also take advantage of less expensive minimally invasive brain surgery offered in Singapore and Thailand. This is used to diagnose and treat neurological conditions including hydrocephalus and brain tumors. It’s recommended for patients who suffer from movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. While traditional brain surgery involves the removal of part of the skull, minimally invasive surgery involves making tiny incisions to enable surgical access to the affected areas of the brain.

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