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Undergo Breast Reduction Surgery in Singapore

Every year, thousands of patients from Indonesia require breast reduction surgery. Due to extended waiting time and limited number of qualified surgeons to perform the procedure, most patients look elsewhere for the procedure. If you’re one of them, your best option is traveling to Singapore.

Singapore, just like the United States, is a first-world country that has impressive, globally recognized health care system. Boasting a long list of highly trained and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons (most of whom studied and trained in the United States and Europe), the country has established a great reputation for producing exceptional results in the field of aesthetic medicine.

In Singapore, breast reduction surgery is performed the same way in the United States. The same state-of-the-art surgical equipment and innovative techniques are also used to achieve the desired results while ensuring patient’s safety and comfort. The only difference is the price as surgeons in Singapore charge up to 75% less when compared to their western counterparts. Even when you add associated costs like airfare and accommodation, you will still save thousands of dollars.

Singapore, with its award-winning healthcare system, internationally-trained surgeons, and world-class surgical equipment, is the best option if you seek high quality but affordable breast reduction procedure.

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