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Undergo Hair Transplant Surgery in Southeast Asia

Hair transplant can be both a boon and a bane for anyone who has to go through it. While latest technologies allow specialists to recreate the natural look of the scalp, the procedure can be extremely costly particularly in western countries, which explains why only a few are able to take advantage of it. If you need hair transplant but would like to pay just 30% of what it normally costs in your home country, traveling to Southeast Asia is your best option.

Medical tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in Southeast Asia with Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea leading the pack. The quality of healthcare in these countries is comparable with the rest of first-world nations as they’re using the same cutting-edge technologies and the majority of medical centres have world-class facilities. In addition, many of the local doctors are graduates of the best schools in the country while others have obtained their degrees abroad including the United States and Europe. They not only have a deep understanding of hair loss and transplants, but they are also fluent in English and other European languages.

Also, bigger facilities are also hiring expatriates with an impressive number of years of experience. Some have also set up their private practice in these countries after falling in love with the culture, climate, and people.

With all these benefits, there is no doubt that Southeast Asia is your best destination when you’re looking to save up to 70% of the cost of hair transplant procedures. Even with extra costs such as accommodation and tours to the best attractions, you’ll still be able to save hundreds and thousands of dollars.

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