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Undergo Kidney Transplant in Singapore

Singaporean surgeons are the first in Southeast Asia to perform a living donor living transplant in 2002. Due to the success of the operation and due to Singapore’s continuous heavy investment in its healthcare system, the country has been recognized as the go-to destination for kidney transplants for patients living in Southeast Asia. Today, Singapore’s top hospitals such as Singapore Health Hospital, which specializes in this procedure, performs an average of 50 live donor kidney transplant every year with impressive success rate.

Why get kidney transplant in Singapore?

Based on research, patients from Southeast Asia including Indonesians, choose Singapore as their medical travel destination for kidney transplant largely because of the success rate. This is attributed to the country’s top urologists and multi-disciplinary medical team with up to 20 years solid experience in this field. It’s also attributed to the fact that hospitals in Singapore are well equipped with the best medical technologies and have been at the forefront of medical advancements in the field of kidney transplant.

Another reason is affordable cost. When compared to other Southeast Asian and western countries, Singapore offers reasonable cost for kidney transplant. Indonesians can expect 10%-20% savings while enjoying impressive outcome.

Lastly, Singapore is typically chosen for this procedure due to non-existent waiting time. International patients who seek kidney transplant are typically provided with medical attention at a moment’s notice. The moment you’re admitted to your chosen hospital, your attending physician will typically conduct extensive pre-transplant donor evaluation to ensure that there is no risk for both you and the donor. Depending on the outcome of the evaluation, transplant can be scheduled at your earliest convenience.

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