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Undergo Kidney Transplant in Southeast Asia

Kidney transplantation is a major surgical procedure that places a healthy kidney into the patient and lets it take over the functions of the two failing kidneys. It is a process that extends your life span by 10 to 15 years depending on your age and health condition. Kidney transplants can come from either living or deceased (recently died) donors like compatible family members or strangers.

If you’re thinking of kidney transplantation in Southeast Asia, know that the success of your operation will largely depend on the qualifications and experience of your attending physician. Thus, doing extensive research is essential. There are several western-trained urologists that are practicing at top Southeast Asian hospitals. These are your best options for the operation.

The first step in kidney transplantation is evaluation for compatibility. Doctors will determine your tissue type and blood type and make sure that these are compatible with the donor kidney to minimize kidney rejection. Those with other significant diseases that can be life-threatening will have lesser chances for a kidney transplant since these may ultimately decrease your life span thereby missing the point of kidney transplantation.

The second step is finding the right donor kidney. Doctors will scour kidney transplant lists for compatible donor kidneys. Once found, you will be notified and immediately prepped for surgery. The operation, which usually takes 3 hours.

Once the surgery is over, you may have to stay in the hospital for 7 to 10 days barring any complications. You and your new kidney will be observed. If the kidney is taking its time to produce urine, you may need to undergo dialysis and take additional medicines. You will be taking immune-suppressants for the rest of your life to prevent kidney rejection.

Getting kidney transplant in Southeast Asia assures you of working together with some of the best in this field without spending a fortune.

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