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Undergo Valve Replacement Surgery in Singapore

Singapore has been gaining grounds in the field of medical tourism along with other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea. While the three countries are favoured by medical tourists for a host of cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, Singapore remains to be the top choice when it comes to cardiac care. Consistently at the forefront of medical advancements, the country has a long list of medical facilities that feature cutting-edge equipment and which are staffed by a team of cardiac specialists and experts from a multitude of surgical and medical disciplines to provide high quality, personalized cardiac care.

That is why if you’re from Thailand and require valve replacement surgery, your best option that can give you the highest chances of having a successful heart procedure is traveling to Singapore, which is just a couple of hours flight away from Indonesia. Several cardiologists in Singapore have trained and studied in western countries such as the United States and are highly experienced in repairing or replacing diseased heart valves. With their access to modern technologies and in-depth knowledge of the most effective surgical methods, your safety and your comfort are guaranteed.

Despite providing the highest quality of cardiac care with compassion, dignity and integrity, Singapore remains inexpensive when compared to other first-world countries such as the United States. A comprehensive valve replacement surgery (comes with initial consultation and days of hospital stays), can be up to 50% cheaper in Singapore.

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