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Undergo Valve Replacement Surgery in Southeast Asia

Valve replacement is a life-saving procedure; unfortunately, not everyone who needs it can go through it for one simple reason: cost. For example, patients in the United States who are not covered by a comprehensive medical insurance, the cost can go up to $150,000.

If you're one of these people, you now have a more cost-effective option. For about a third of the cost or even less, you can get the same world-class treatment and a few extras if you elect to travel to Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia has experienced a medical tourism boom, thanks to the incredible support it’s receiving from the government of countries such as Thailand, South Korea, and especially Singapore, which is a first-world country. Clinics and hospitals are also taking their own initiative such as constantly upgrading their technologies, enhancing their treatment process, and obtaining certifications such as ISO—proofs that their methods are equal to those of developed nations in America and Europe.

Health care facilities like Raffles in Singapore have performed thousands of heart-related procedures like angioplasty and valve replacement. With cardiologists who have completed their education in western countries and cutting-edge technologies, the quality of each procedure is guaranteed.

Beyond treatment, people in Southeast Asia are always known to be friendly, gentle, courteous, hospitable, and professional. Their work ethics are exceptional, and they work hard to make sure patients are comfortable throughout their stay, even going as far as assigning point persons to accompany patients to their appointments and ensure all needs have been taken care of.

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