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Singapore Offers Affordable Oncology Care

Majority of patients in Western countries do not have access to affordable cancer treatment. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other cancer treatment methods can easily set you back by thousands of dollars. If you find such costs to be too high, you may wish to seek cancer treatment in Singapore where quality yet affordable healthcare is readily available.

Oncologists in Singapore utilize advanced medical equipment and state-of-the-art technologies, but charge as much as 50 – 70 percent cheaper than their peers practicing in Western countries. This option remains affordable even after adding associated costs such as travel and accommodation.

Singapore’s brand of cancer care goes beyond providing affordable cancer treatments and extends to providing you with much needed emotional support through counseling. Also, oncologists and medical staff in the region go the extra mile in ensuring that you are well attended to. This is possible because the ratio of medical staff in Singapore is low at 1:4.

Aside from affordable rates and high quality care, traveling to Singapore allows you to take advantage of immediate medical attention as oncologists in Singapore can easily accommodate you at a moment’s notice. This is due to their belief that early detection lead to higher survival rates. Coupled with the affordable rate beings offered, Singapore should be seriously considered should you be seeking quality cancer treatment outside of your home country.

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