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Avoid Waiting Time If You Get LASIK Done in Singapore

Singapore is at the center of excellence in the field of ophthalmological and eye care services, offering not just high quality care but also significantly reduced waiting times for both local and international patients. If you’re seeking LASIK eye surgery and want to be able to schedule it immediately, know that several board certified ophthalmologists in Singapore can accommodate you at a moment’s notice.

As Singapore continues to become one of the top medical travel destinations for thousands of international patients, eye centers and hospitals in the country continue to invest heavily in modern equipment and world-class facilities to stay competitive. With significant advancements in laser and eye care technology, ophthalmologists in Singapore are able to offer high quality eye care faster than ever before. Patients from other countries are rarely asked to wait for more than a couple of days for LASIK surgery. In fact, if you’d like, initial consultation and the actual surgery can be scheduled on the same day you arrive in the country.

When it comes to providing quality LASIK surgery, Singapore definitely stands out. A majority of ophthalmologists who are practicing in the country were educated and trained at some of the most prestigious medical schools in the West. Those who were locally trained are also highly competent as the country’s training program follows the system used in the United Kingdom.

Aside from reduced waiting times and high quality care, ophthalmologists in Singapore, who use only the most advanced LASIK technology, also charge inexpensive prices that are up to 50 percent more affordable compared to the West.

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