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Avoid Waiting Time for Oncology Care in Singapore

Cancer kills thousands of patients from Western countries every year. Although most states in the West have advanced medical facilities and advanced medical equipment, cost and long waiting times are some reasons why cancer treatment is unavailable to all who need it.

On the other hand, oncologists in Singapore understand that cancer, if treated early, typically leads to improved treatment outcome, thus they give you timely attention. You will be able to schedule appointments with top oncologists the same day you arrive in the country. Cancer screening, diagnosis and the initiation of the most suitable treatment can also be scheduled at your earliest convenience.

Aside from significantly shorter waiting time, another reason why Singapore remains the top choice for international medical travelers is the low cost of its cancer treatments. This is normally around 50 to 70 percent cheaper than that offered in the West. Additionally, the quality of the healthcare in Singapore is on par with that of the West due to its first-class healthcare system, internationally trained doctors and multiple accredited oncologists.

Securing appointment with Singapore’s top oncologists is uncomplicated and quick. The country has various organizations dedicated to the growth of medical tourism and you will certainly able to find a list of their members on their websites.

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