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South Korea is Popular for Plastic Surgery

South Korea has one of the highest levels of cosmetic surgical procedures every year. In fact, reports say that 1 in 5 Korean women have undergone at least one of the various procedures, including double eyelids, facelifts, breast lifts and implants, and nose jobs also known as rhinoplasty.

However, the popularity of such procedures is not been limited to citizens and residents of the country. A huge number of medical travelers from all over the world, especially from the West, have sought cosmetic surgery in one of the many clinics and hospitals in South Korea.

A rising number of medical tourists adding to the ever-increasing amount of local patrons have turned South Korea into one of the world’s hotspots for cosmetic surgery.

One of the reasons why cosmetic surgery in the country became popular in the first place is the quality of the results. A good number of Korean actors and pop stars who have undergone the procedure and the results are stunning, as good as natural.

Additionally, the average cost of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures in South Korea is a fraction of what it would cost for a similar procedure in the west. These and many other factors have enticed more and more people to undergo the procedure in South Korea.

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