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Southeast Asia Offers Affordable Eye Care

You can definitely save a substantial amount of money by consulting an Ophthalmologist in Southeast Asia instead of in the West. However, is it worth the risk? The cost of eye surgeries, treatment, and other procedures in Southeast Asia is about 50 to 70 percent cheaper, but there are some who consider traveling to the region for sensitive medical procedures as “risky”.

If you’re thinking of “risk” in terms of quality, then it would be beneficial to for you to know that modern technologies perform much of an ophthalmologist’s job. For instance, many eye surgeries today are performed with LASIK technology. In this case, the machine performs the surgery. The function of the ophthalmologist is to ensure that the machine is programmed correctly.

In fact, there are less than 30 FDA approved LASIK machines and the standards and procedures for using them are the same worldwide. To play safe, you can inquire if the machine to be used has been approved by the FDA before undergoing surgery -- It won’t take long to verify this.

In terms of quality ophthalmologists, many of those practicing in Southeast Asia trained in some of the top universities in the world, and are as such on par with the skills and expertise of their Western peers.. But of course, you may request for proof of qualification to be presented to you before your consultation if you’re still concerned.

The “risks” of modern medical procedures are the same in every country, whether it is in Southeast Asia or in the West. If you’re looking to save a good amount of money to spend on other activities, like a vacation, then consulting an ophthalmologist in Southeast Asia would be an excellent option.

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