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Why Choose SEA for Small Cell Carcinoma of Lung Treatment

A small cell carcinoma of the lung is a highly malignant type of lung cancer. Unlike slow-growing or non-small cell carcinomas, this type of cancer grows rapidly and can metastasise faster. It commonly begins in the central airways and may affect the submucosa resulting in narrowed bronchial airways. Thus, patients diagnosed with this disease are advised to seek immediate specialist care.

For many cancer patients in various parts of the world, Southeast Asia is becoming the preferred medical tourism destination where high-standard healthcare system, fully equipped cancer centres, advanced technologies, and some of the world’s best oncologists are available. It is also the top choice for medical travellers who require shorter waiting periods and lower costs compared to the US, UK, and Canada.

Southeast Asia’s medical tourism has seen massive growth in the past several years, and much of the recent growth is owed to the continuous improvement of medical services in two countries, namely Thailand and Malaysia.

Thailand’s medical infrastructure has improved massively due to the country’s major medical technology investments since the 1990s. Oncology has long been one of the country’s specialisations, along with cardiology and orthopaedic surgery. The top two medical facilities in the country are Bumrungrad International, which is Asia’s largest private hospital and first JCI-accredited facility, and the Bangkok Hospital Group, which is made up of 18 different hospitals scattered all over the country. Patients travelling to Thailand for medical treatment also praise the country’s pleasant climate, which helps speed up the recovery of most patients undergoing surgery.

Malaysia is also another esteemed choice among medical travellers seeking specialist care. The country's JCI-accredited hospitals are known for their multilingual staff, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and accreditations from many international organisations. For those who are considering Malaysia for cancer treatment, it is best to go to Gleneagles in Kuala Lumpur, which is one of the country’s most respected hospitals.

For those who find travelling to the US or Europe for the treatment of small cell carcinoma too costly, travelling to Southeast Asia is the best alternative. In this region, comprehensive cancer care is up to 75% cheaper than in the West.

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