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Why Choose Southeast Asia for Your Partial Colon Removal

The partial removal or resection of the colon (colectomy) is a surgical procedure that is often required if the patient is diagnosed with severe conditions that affect the colon such as colorectal cancer. The procedure is performed not just to treat the condition but also to avoid metastasis, or the spread of cancer to other areas of the body.

Due to the advancements in the field of surgery and the introduction of advanced techniques and modern tools, colectomy can now be performed using minimally invasive methods that require 5-6 small incisions. Compared to traditional open surgery, this technique is less painful and patients recover faster. It also reduces scarring and serious complications.

Patients who require colectomy can have the procedure done in Southeast Asia. This region is home to some of the best hospitals in the world. These hospitals are staffed by highly qualified colorectal surgeons, most of them with education, training or professional experience in the United States, United Kingdom, or other European countries.

Although many Southeast Asian surgeons have skills, training, and expertise that are on par with their Western counterparts, the former charge substantially lower fees compared to the latter. One of the reasons is the lower standard of living in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore when compared to Western countries. The savings can be as much 75% for the majority of surgical procedures.

Medical tourists in Southeast Asia also enjoy the added pleasure of travelling around the city and nearby resorts. Singapore is known for its highly modern tourist attractions and world-class theme parks while Thailand is home to some of the world’s most stunning white sand beaches. Malaysia, on the other hand, has a very rich culture and warm, friendly people.

A lot of hospitals in these countries are accredited by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and Joint Commission International (JCI) or both. Medical facilities that are accredited by these institutions are those that have the most modern technologies, the best medical facilities, and a team of medical professionals whose skills and expertise meet global standards. This means that these hospitals have what it takes to provide patients, both local and international, the very best medical care but for a fraction of what you’ll normally pay in Western countries.

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