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Why Consult a Family Medicine Physician in Southeast Asia

Many tourists in Southeast Asia combine their holiday with general medical treatments. In recent years, the region has seen an influx of tourists who have squeezed an appointment with medical professionals to take advantage of various benefits. These include affordability (the cost of the majority of healthcare services in Southeast Asia is up to 75% cheaper than in the West), top quality medical services offered by internationally recognised hospitals and highly trained medical specialists, and minimal to zero waiting time.

If you are going to Singapore, Malaysia, or Thailand either for business or pleasure, take advantage of these countries' world-class general healthcare services such as comprehensive health screening, vaccinations, general skin care, and diagnostic tests, among others, by consulting a family medicine physician.

Many family medicine physicians practicing in Southeast Asia have decades of experience, intensive training, and postgraduate qualifications. Many of them were educated, trained, and even practiced in Western countries, which means that they are fully equipped to deliver world-class medical care.

Aside from the doctors' skills and expertise, medical tourists in Southeast Asia can also take advantage of the region’s advanced technologies, impressive medical infrastructure, and signature Asian hospitality.

Southeast Asia has been recognised as one of the best medical travel destinations in the world. Driven to stay ahead of the pack, the region continuously invests to further improve its medical services. Most hospitals, particularly those that are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation (ISO), offer a luxurious experience. Medical tourists who are seeking comprehensive health screening, for example, are offered affordable packages that include five-star accommodation and travel assistance, among others. They also get to explore their choice of destination; those who elect to travel to Thailand and Malaysia get to see some of the world’s pristine, white-sand beaches while those who opt to go to Singapore can enjoy all modern comforts and world-class tourist attractions such as theme parks and zoos.

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