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Why Consult a General Practice Physician in Southeast Asia

Every year, Southeast Asia welcomes thousands of tourists from different parts of the world who combine their holiday with medical treatments. This is because aside from having world-class tourist attractions, the region is also a medical hub renowned for offering top quality but affordable medical care.

If you require general medical services such as comprehensive health screening, preventative care, and treatment for acute or chronic illnesses, you may consider consulting a general practice physician in Southeast Asia.

The best GPs in the region can be found in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Singapore is a developed country with world-renowned medical schools that produce some of the world’s best doctors. GPs in this country are highly trained and very knowledgeable in the use of the most advanced medical equipment and latest, evidence-based methods. They also use English as one of their primary languages and are thus able to attract patients not just from Asia but also from Western countries.

Thailand and Malaysia, on the other hand, have a long list of GPs that were educated, trained, and practiced in Western countries. While some of them are working in hospitals, the majority has their own private practices. Although they can offer the same quality care as their Western counterparts, their fees are up to 75% cheaper.

Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia have their own Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited hospitals and medical facilities that were accredited for delivering top quality medical care. Medical tourists who want nothing but the best can simply go to any of these hospitals. This gives them an assurance that they will be treated by highly qualified doctors with access to the most advanced medical technology and who are knowledgeable on breakthrough methods that improve patient outcomes.

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