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Why Consult an Allergist in Southeast Asia

An allergist, also known as an immunologist, is a physician who specialises in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of allergies and other immunologic disorders. Allergists undergo additional specialised training after completing their bachelor’s degree. Some allergists also specialise in paediatric immunology in which they focus on treating young patients.

Although allergies can be managed using medications, patients who suffer from frequent, chronic, and severe allergy attacks should seek specialist care. When left untreated, allergy attacks may worsen over time and may cause serious, life-threatening symptoms.

For allergies to be managed effectively, the patient and the allergist have to work closely together. The entire process requires a lot of planning, skill, and patience. Using their specialised training, allergists will develop an individualised treatment plan for the patient. If the patient so desires or if the allergy attacks put the patient’s life at risk, more comprehensive treatments, such as immunotherapy, can be pursued.

Consulting an allergist in Southeast Asia is now easier due to the large number of highly skilled and internationally trained allergists in the region. These allergy experts can be found in top medical tourism hubs of Southeast Asia, namely Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. They are experienced in identifying the specific allergens or irritants that are causing the attacks, managing the patient’s symptoms, preventing future attacks, and treating the underlying condition or deficiency of the immune system.

Medical tourists who require the expertise of an allergist can simply go to any of the Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation (ISO) accredited hospitals and medical care centres in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. They can also choose from various dedicated allergy clinics or immunology centres in these countries. These clinics offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic services such as allergy test packages, as well as novel treatments in immunology, such as immunotherapy.

Consulting an allergist in Southeast Asia allows patients to receive treatment for their allergies at less than half the price charged by hospitals in the US and Europe.

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