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Why Consult An Anaesthesiologist in Southeast Asia?

Anaesthesiologists are physicians who specialise in pain relief as part of perioperative care. They are responsible for developing an individualised anaesthetic plan for each patient, taking into consideration the unique factors surrounding the patient’s condition. They also administer anaesthesia during surgical procedures. As such, they play a key role in ensuring patient safety before, during, and after a surgical procedure.

Anaesthesiologists also play other key roles in the medical field. They are often involved in the recovery room, taking care of patients who have just come out of surgery. They also specialise in diagnosing and treating patients suffering from chronic pain.

Anaesthesiologists are graduates of bachelor’s degrees in medicine and have additional residency training focused on anaesthetics. To gain further expertise in their field, many anesthesiologists also pursue more years of training through fellowships. Since a key part of the success of a surgical procedure lies in the proper administration of anaesthesia, patients should take the time to find a skilled and reliable anaesthesiologist.

Most patients consider travelling abroad just to find an anaesthesiologist. Thankfully for Southeast Asians, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia have several board-certified anaesthesiologists. While some run their own practices, most are affiliated with Southeast Asia’s leading JCI-certified and ISO-accredited hospitals. Due to the high demand and the popularity of these countries’ medical tourism industries, their healthcare providers also heavily invest in international training. Thus, anaesthesiologists in Southeast Asia are fully equipped to provide the same quality of care and service that western practitioners can provide.

Anaesthesia is also often a part of the treatment package that patients require to achieve full recovery from their medical problems. It makes up for a big part of the overall costs of medical treatment. One of the biggest concerns for patients considering medical travel is its cost. Most major surgical procedures can already cost a lot even when anaesthesia costs are not yet included. In Southeast Asia, however, medical procedures are generally more affordable, so patients are able to use their cost savings to cover additional expenses, such as the cost of anaesthesia and anaesthesiologist’s fees.

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