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Why Go to SE Asia for Diabetic Renal Disease Management

Patients with diabetes face a high risk of developing kidney disease, which creates the need to undergo diabetic renal disease screening on a regular basis. They also require intensive management of their blood glucose levels to slow down the progression of the disease and to prevent kidney failure.

Regardless of the stage of their diabetic renal disease and the ideal treatment they require, diabetes patients can find appropriate medical treatment and care in Southeast Asia for a much lower cost. The region offers medical travellers significant cost savings with treatments, including dialysis, kidney transplant, and long-term diabetes management, being up to 70% cheaper in the region than in the West.

Southeast Asia is one of the most affordable medical tourism destinations that offer patients easy access to the latest medical technologies used in the treatment of diabetic renal disease. This explains the steady rise in the number of dialysis patients in Southeast Asia, as confirmed by a 2014 statistical data. The majority of the procedures are performed in specialised dialysis facilities in the region’s best medical tourism destinations, namely Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. These facilities are fully equipped with the latest technologies and are staffed by highly skilled medical professionals.

For patients who require kidney transplantation, Southeast Asia is also the ideal choice as it is where several Western-trained transplant specialists can be found. For patients who suffer from diabetes type II, one of the best hospitals to go to is Bumrungrad International. The Bangkok-based hospital has a special Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited diabetes type II programme. For patients whose kidney disease is related to diabetes mellitus, an ideal destination would be Bangkok’s Sikarin Hospital, whose diabetes mellitus programme was certified by the JCI in 2015.

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