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Why Go to Southeast Asia for Alcoholism Rehabilitation

Alcoholism is a debilitating disease that makes a person dependent on alcoholic substances. Alcoholics strongly crave alcohol and suffer from withdrawal symptoms if they do not consume alcohol for an extended period of time. They also lose control over their drinking habits and increase their tolerance to alcohol, which drives them to drink more and more over time.

The main danger of alcoholism lies in the damaging effects of alcohol on the body. Excessive and prolonged consumption of alcohol can lead to various diseases, specifically liver cancer, as well as a general increased risk of cancer. Alcohol is also the leading cause of accidental death and injury, and also plays a role in many different crimes.

Unfortunately, once alcoholism sets in, it can be extremely difficult for alcoholics to recover on their own. Thus, alcoholic patients who wish to stop their dependence on alcohol but cannot seem to do so are advised to seek professional help. Southeast Asia has many specialised rehabilitation centres that offer long-term inpatient treatment and rehabilitation for alcoholics. Travelling to seek rehabilitation is especially effective; being far from their home country, alcoholics are discouraged from leaving before their treatment is complete. Inpatient rehabilitation also allows patients to focus completely on their recovery in a stress-free environment. Being in a completely new environment can also further relieve patients of any stress or distraction so they can focus on getting better.

Rehabilitation centres in Southeast Asian countries, like Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, offer comprehensive rehabilitation programmes that use a combination of different treatments to end alcohol dependence. Rehabilitation often begins with a supervised alcohol detox where the patient is also treated for any withdrawal symptoms, such as shaking, sweating, seizures, and hallucinations. This is followed by the use of medications that reduces the patients’ cravings for alcohol and diminishes the pleasurable effects of alcohol consumption. World-class rehabilitation centres in Southeast Asia also offer advanced behavioural therapies, group and individual counselling, as well as experiential therapies.

Since inpatient rehabilitation may last from 30 days to 6 months or even longer for some patients, the cost of rehabilitation is a major concern for most. Fortunately for Southeast Asians seeking treatment for alcoholism, travelling to Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia is more affordable than travelling to the US or the UK. The rehabilitation itself is cheaper by up to 70% than in Western rehabilitation centres.

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